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Jamie Coulter

Digital Designer & Front End Developer

A showcase built using only CSS. Featuring a selection of CodePen projects, experiments and other Tom Foolery.

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Oh. Hello there.

I'm Jamie. A Leeds based, multi-disciplined Front end developer & Digital designer. From branding and print, to un-forgettable digital experiences, i’ve got you covered buddy.

The Mine: No JS, CSS only adventure game

My contribution to the Codepen Halloween challenge. Lot's of stuff going on here. The concept initially started off as a simple 'Walk down a corridor and avoid traps' game, but it just kinda escalated from there. I decided i wanted to go up and down, solve puzzles etc.

CodePenLife: The CodePen Simulation Game

See how many codepen followers you can get it one year. Type randomly to create new pens (or click auto if you are lazy). Use your followers to purchase new research which will boost your stat levels (and therefore your pen quality). If your pens are good enough, they will get featured! GLHF. All art was created by me pixel by pixel (Which is why it doesnt look great, go easy guys, im no pixel artist!) Code could certainly be better, i've used jQuery (though i could have just done this vanilla as i havent really used any of its features)

Solar Explorer in CSS only

Explore the planets and moons of our solar in pure CSS. Not a single line of JS used throughout, only images are planet textures taken from royalty free sites. Information about planets taken from space.com. This works on opera but is super jerky, Firefox has some issues with z-index.

Poetry in CSS

This is my submission to the Dead Poets Society CodePenChallenge. I decided to do 6 animations to my favorite poems, mostly in CSS although the rain and grain filter are not.

Reaction: A fast based Javascript browser game.

This has been my baby for a while now. Contains audio. Power the reaction bar before the time runs out by clicking on the lit nodes before they decay. The faster you get the nodes, the more charge will be added to the reaction bar. Collect power ups and get combos with continuous successful hits.

A Pure CSS replica of the menu UI seen in 1993s Demolition Man

Today 80's / 90's movie recreated UI piece in CSS is taken from Demolition Man 1993. During the scene where they use a computer to find Simon around the 20 minute mark.